Who We Are


Sai Sanskar is a centre offering Pre-school education, Day care and Evening activities for children in the age group of 6 months to 12 years. Our mission is “Learning with Love” and we promote humanistic education. All our love and sincerity must be poured into education. To us, the ultimate and ideal mission of education is to create a world in which the eyes of every child will sparkle with joy, and will be filled with hope, and dreams for future. Young plants raised in rich soil will eventually bear fruits.

We are making the best of efforts to offer intellectual, physical, social, cultural and spiritual richness to the young lives. In short our endeavour is to create and add value to the lives of children to enable them to bloom into capable, responsible and compassionate individuals.

An institution run and managed by an experienced professional, Mr Sushil Kumar Verma. His Commitment, competent and loving team is its key strength. School’s location in the heart of Sector 37, (Faridabad) makes it highly accessible. The premises have ample green cover with green plants and adequate open space. This enables kids to develop an appreciation and love for nature.

  • 1 Self Awareness
  • 2 Empathy
  • 3 Critical Thinking
  • 4 Creative Thinking
  • 5 Decision Making
  • 6 Problem Solving
  • 7 Effective Communication
  • 8 Interpersonal Relationship
  • 9 Coping with Stress
  • 10 Coping with Emotion
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