Day Care

is program designed specifically for busy parents. It aims to supplement and complement parental care and values while seeking to provide a loving and learning environment. Under this program as the name suggests we take care of the children after the regular school timings with pick up facility from their respective bus stops. We provide professional teachers who are caring, kind and have a deep passion for teaching children. We make sure that once the child come to us from his school all his needs are taken care of. We make creation that day-care children complete their home work before they go home. Since the day care children get exhausted though a varied range of activities we make sure that they get ample time to rest and play also. By the time children reach home they have everything covered up. Fully air-conditioned rooms, equipped pantry, separate beds for sleeping, motor development room, unlimited toys and games, computers, Audio-Visual aides , library, eating areas and specially designed washroom facilities are just a part of the entire infrastructure. Since children are provided with a variety of activities they do not get bored and it also helps towards the complete development of the child both mentally and physically.

Sai Sanskar keeps all the worries away from the working couples what their children are doing coming back from school. Realizing this need our day care program is specially designed with the aim of providing a well rounded conducive learning environment.