The Pre-school section is a combination of variant programs including Play 1, Play 2, Play 3 and Nursery. These programs involve exclusive course curriculum focusing on the growth and development of the kids.The distinctive programs categorized under the Pre- school section include:

Play 1

The Program is immaculately designed for the kids falling between the age group of one and a half to two years. This two month duration course is an ultimate package of entertainment and knowledge. The course issuperbly designed offering activities as per the student’s age. The age group is usually considered among the most crucial stage as during this stage a major development is said to take place in a human brain. Thus it becomes vital to involve the child in healthy activities giving immense exposure for the development of his brain.

Play 2

Play 2,the program offered by Sai Sanskar is a three month duration program meant to meet the academic needs of children falling between the age group of two to two and a half years. The program is impressively designed to provide extraordinary skills along with the overall personality development of a child. This play school provides the Play 2 program which includes a daily session of three hours allowing the kids toopen their wings allowing them to grow the fullest.

Play 3

One more skilful program offered by Sai Sanskar involves ultimate techniques enhancing the children to perform their best in the formal school. Play 3 Program offered by this School is especially designed to meet the needs of kids falling between the age group of two and a half to three years. The program is superbly designed involving the students in various activities like reading, writing, alphabetical knowledge,number recognition and many more. The play 3 program comes with six month duration preparing the kids for their academic growth.