Mothers today are constantly nagged by the concern : Who will take care of my baby when I am at work?” After maternity leave are over, the day does come when: You have to go back to the office.

The concern that you as a working mother will always have is: “With no back-up, where do I leave my kid—with a maid at home; or a small family setup crèche taking 5-6 kids?

The ratio of working mothers in U.S., Europe and Singapore is very high as compared to India. One of the main reasons for this is that in India we do not have specialized institutions to take proper care of the kids where parents can leave their loved ones without any tension and can be sure that their kids will get best of everything. Because of this in India many mothers end up leaving their jobs after the kids are born, which in turn lead to future frustrations. Why the system which has worked so well in U.S. is not feasible in India is because no one has tried it as yet in true sense. There are lots of day cares but mostly every where the prime focus is on play school hence the crèche kids do not get required care.

This is where Sai Sanskar comes into picture. Realizing this need, this institution has been established after a lot of study and research of good international crèche/day care institutions. We at “Sai Sanskar” ensure the happy faces of you and your baby alike. We will put your mind at ease. Your baby from 4 months onwards will have the best care by trained care-givers. Maids are used only for the back end jobs, that too under strict supervision. Safety, security, love, learning everything your baby needs are here. We understand separation anxiety of yours and your child’s. Our director, teachers and staff will stay in close touch with you to help make the transition as easy as possible. Our teachers work in teams. So there’s.

always someone available to hold, change, feed or play with your baby every minute of the day. We lay special stress on hygiene, cleanliness, love and care. There are different activities and interactions to keep them interestingly occupied all the time. A very structured whole day program is here for well rounded development of your kid (which is not possible even at home) with the right mixture of discipline and homely atmosphere.

Our infant program features a flexible curriculum created to fit your child’s need. He eats when he is hungry; she sleeps when she is tired. They roll, crawl, pull and walk whenever they like. Hugging and cuddling are a big part of the day. In between, they enjoy age appropriate toys, songs and games along with tender interactions and encouragement to learn, grow and discover in their own unique way.

Our program for toddlers introduces your child to a more structured day with stimulating activities, group interactions and the chance to be inquisitive as they begin to talk, walk and play. They learn and discover many interesting things that are relevant to their lives while building self esteem and love for learning.

Playing in toy junction, free play time,

Group interaction , quiet time

Learning by doing.

Infant / Toddlers Activities Story telling

Daily nap time

Rocking and hugging

Music, dancing, singing

Just leave your loved ones in our care. No Compromises. Only the best for your precious child.

  • 1 Playing in toy junction, free play time,
  • 2 Group interaction , quiet times
  • 3 Learning by doing.
  • 4 Infant / Toddlers Activities Story telling
  • 5 Daily nap time
  • 6 Rocking and hugging
  • 7 Music, dancing, singing
  • Just leave your loved ones in our care. No Compromises. Only the best for your precious child.